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Building Resilience: The New Smart Building Buzzword

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We’ve all heard of sustainability and energy-efficiency when it comes to smart buildings, but there’s a new buzzword that has many industry experts looking towards a new future for smart buildings: resilience. Although the concept of building resilience is fairly new, it has quickly become one of the top concepts for new commercial buildings. So, what does building resilience mean, and what does it mean for the future of smart buildings? Read on to learn more about building resilience.

What Makes a Building Resilient?

Building resilience has to do with the building systems that can avoid accidents through new technologies involving anticipation, recovery systems, and adaptation. Building resiliency has, for some, become the new ultimate goal in smart buildings, rather than building completely for environmental sustainability. This is because building resilience features are even more forward-thinking. They include sustainability into their platforms, combining energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable practices with new features that better prepare buildings for the future.

Building Resilience & Smart Buildings

Resilience is all about preventing problems before they occur, which is why the marriage of building resilience and smart buildings makes perfect sense. Smart building and automation technology find ways to streamline building systems and make them more efficient in every sense of the word. Add resilience to the mix, and that means preparing building systems for potential problems and ensuring that buildings operate smoothly and react smartly to accidents or other unexpected problems. Building resilience also can work with smart building technologies to reduce energy costs, from HVAC systems to lighting.

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