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Building Management Systems: Keeping Students Safe

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Keeping students safe is a top priority in K-12 schools. Making your school a smart building is one of the best ways to protect your kids and staff. Our K-12 access-controlled management systems are designed to maximize school security. Find out what types of systems we offer that will keep everyone in your building secure in the event of an emergency.

Fire alarms

ACS can program your fire alarm to work with your school’s entire automation system. Integrated with fire panels, emergency push buttons, smoke detectors and light/voice alerts, the system will notify emergency personnel at the first sign of a fire. It will also quickly alert everyone inside the building to evacuate immediately.

Mass notification systems

Schools are one of the best places to be equipped with a mass notification system. You may program the system to alert teachers and staff in the event of inclement weather, a fire or an intruder. Take a look at our previous blog post that has a more detailed description of mass notification systems and why they’re important to any large institution.

Video surveillance

ACS’s vendors have a wide variety of video cameras that may be installed at exit and entryways into the building, in hallways, at playgrounds or in school buses. Many schools have found surveillance helpful in investigating criminal activity and bullying claims.

Access control

Choose from three different ways to restrict access at different points in your school:

  1. Cards and key fobs: Distribute ID badges and entry cards solely to people who are allowed entrance into the building. That person will need both to enter.

  2. Biometric entry: As one of the most sophisticated systems, biometric entry allows access by scanning fingerprints or using retina screens.

  3. Passwords and pins: Only employees and other pre-screened people will be allowed inside the building by entering a password or pin number.

These systems not only restrict who enters the school, but also when they can enter. You may program your locks to open and close at particular times of the day and restrict access to certain areas or important files.

Burglar alarms

Break-ins can pose a serious threat to school security. Keep intruders out when schools are closed overnight, on the weekends or during school breaks. ACS can repair current systems or install a new reliable one, alerting building managers or police if a burglary is detected.


Allow ACs to come to your K-12 building for a free consultation and evaluation. Give us a call at (913) 248-8828 or submit an online request form to find out how you can keep your students and faculty safe.

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