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Building Management System Trends You Need to Be Aware Of

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Building management today looks nothing like it did 100 or even 50 years ago. Advances in technology have created new building management systems that make managing a building easier, cheaper and more efficient than ever. The latest developments in building management systems are changing constantly. Are you keeping up with the trends?

Building Management Trends in 2014


1. Individualized Experience

Building management systems are far from one size fits all. Today’s building managers are able to personalize and customize their building management systems in a way that they never could before. This allows each business owner to see optimal results for his or her company.

2. Greater Number of Options

In order to personalize their building management systems, building managers must have options to choose from. Today’s systems don’t disappoint. Whether business owners want to control their lights, their security features or anything else, their building management system makes it possible.

3. Increased Ease of Use

Increased capability doesn’t have to equal complicated. While building management systems are able to do more than ever before, they are getting easier and easier to use as well.

4. Improved Storage Capabilities

Since today’s building management systems can do more than ever, having adequate storage is essential. Building management systems are no longer controlled solely in house. They are now moving into the cloud, which offers users increased accessibility and functionality.

5. Increased Use of Measurement and Verification

Lastly, today’s building managers are increasingly using their building management systems for measurement and verification. They don’t just want to choose a setting randomly and hope that it will work well. They are measuring their results to find settings and modes that allow for optimal performance. This new ability offers building managers an impressive competitive edge.

Simply using a management system isn’t enough if you want your business to have a competitive edge. Being aware of these trends and using them to your advantage is a great way to get ahead.

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