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Building Automation: Save Money This Winter

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Save money by being more energy efficient this winter through building automation. Reduce energy costs by lessening your dependence on your HVAC system. Building automation makes it easy to lower your bottom line by making the space energy efficient.

Building Automation Makes Energy Efficiency Easy

You can keep building temperatures consistent and monitor areas of the building where the hot and cool air is wasted. This helps save money by making the space more energy efficient. There is no use in heating or cooling parts of the building that no one is in so you might as well save money.

How Occupancy Sensors Work

Occupancy sensors help make building automation even easier. It allows you to run equipment in areas of the building that are occupied. You can turn heating and cooling systems on and off in occupied and unoccupied areas of the building.

What Standby Mode Means

You can also put the system in standby mode which doesn’t turn it off completely but does lower the thermostat 10 degrees. As you can see, this gives you additional opportunities to save money by making your business more energy efficient.

Building Automation Makes Sense Economically

More companies are looking into building automation because they can see how it makes sense economically. If you want to save money, opt to have one of these types of systems installed in your building. More importantly, make sure that managers and staff know how to operate it so that you have increased savings year round by being energy efficient.

If your goal is to be more energy efficient and save money this year, you’re in luck. As more companies explore the idea of building automation, more information is written on the subject. Read what you can so you can learn more about the process because it’s one that you can’t afford to miss out on.

To learn about smart technology or for more information about upgrading your business’s building automation, contact ACS for a free consultation today.

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