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BSRIA Announces Release of New Smart Technology Topic Guide

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BSRIA recently announced the release of its third industry topic guide. The guide covers a variety of topics under the realm of “smart technology” and is available to download on their website. BSRIA has a wealth of online resources for those in the smart building and smart technology industry, including books, conference papers, industry journals, reports and standards all covering different elements of the smart building services industry.

BSRIA is a non-profit organisation that performs tests, research, consulting, and specialist services in the construction and building services industry. Their research program aims to improve the smart building and building services industry by discovering improvements through research and applying new technologies and processes to the current industry standards.

New Smart Building Topic Guide

BSRIA releases its topic guides as an introduction to important technology topics and trends. The new guide covers everything from trends and recent developments in smart technology to the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart products. It also discusses standard open protocols for smart buildings. Jeremy Towler, BSRIA’s senior manager of Energy and Smart Technologies wrote the guide.

In the guide’s release announcement, Towler said:

“With so many new products incorporating sophisticated hard and software appearing in the market and with the majority of people now toting a smartphone, it is not surprising that IoT is forecast to grow at a phenomenal pace. It promises to deliver a plethora of new applications and benefits. This topic guide lays out some of the most important developments in smart technology and is designed to help the reader navigate this rapidly evolving area.”

Smart building technology companies, professionals, and those interested in the industry will likely find this new smart technology guide helpful in looking at new trends in the industry and in looking towards the future.

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