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Best Ways to Improve Workplace Safety

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Workplace safety is one of the most important factors for any business, but unfortunately all too often profit is put as a priority at the expense of safety. What more businesses should realize is that safety and profitability in fact go hand-in-hand. A safe, and efficient, workplace will always be the most profitable mode of business. We have put together some tips that any business can implement to improve both the efficiency and the safety of its workplace.

Have a Clear, Streamlined Safety Plan

A clear safety plan is essential for workplace safety. Make sure that all employees know what to do in specific emergency situations, such as a fire, an intrusion, or a tornado. Employees should know the first plan of action for each situation, which people have specific roles in the plan, who to call, and where to go. Holding regular safety training exercises is a smart idea to ensure that everyone is properly prepared. It’s also helpful to post signs or posters to remind people of all safety plans and procedures.

Regular Workplace Safety Inspections

Regular workplace safety inspections are just as important as training your employees on what to do in emergency situations. By ensuring that all equipment and systems are working properly and safely, you may be able to avoid such situations in the first place. Check all equipment and tools systematically to ensure that all are well-maintained and safe to use. Monitor all fire alarms and smoke detectors, as well as carbon monoxide detectors and security systems to be sure that if an emergency arises, all systems are working properly to protect your employees and your business. If your workplace has storage areas or heavy goods, check that all areas follow safe work procedures and that all employees are properly trained on how to handle heavy goods without being injured.

Equip Your Building with the Right Tools

Installing the right tools can mean the difference between life and death in a workplace emergency. A properly installed automated fire system will protect your employees and your business. A fire alarm system that automates everything from detecting the first signs of smoke to notifying emergency personnel and evacuating the building is the most effective option. Also consider installing a mass notification system is programmed to notify people both inside and outside of the building of any emergency and of what steps need to be taken.

Automation Systems that Improve Safety

An integrated building automation system does the most to improve workplace safety. A mass notification system is a part of this automation system. It works with other systems in the building, such as the fire or alarm systems, to notify all employees of any emergency. Notifications can come in many modes, such as phone calls, voicemail, texts, tweets, Facebook updates, sirens, radio alerts, and PA systems. Another part of a building automation system is the building security system. This can include a system to make all visitors provide ID before entering the building, as well as badges and clock in/clock out systems for employees. Implementing a CCTV, or closed-circuit television, is a security measure that is easily integrated into any business. Video surveillance is helpful both in security and in improving workplace efficiency, as employees feel more motivated to stay on task if they know their actions are recorded.

Improve Your Workplace Safety Today

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