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Benefits of Green Building

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An increasing number of property owners are expressing an interest in green building. At the same time, there is growing interest in smart buildings, which involves technology and perspectives that complement green building techniques. If you’re on the fence regarding whether or not a new structure should be a green building, then it makes sense to learn more about the benefits that a green building can provide.

Green Buildings and Smart Buildings Go Hand-in-Hand

Whether you’re looking into new construction or the retrofit of an existing structure, it’s sensible to understand how a green building and smart technology go together. A green building is one that is built with careful attention to eco-friendliness. In addition, the ongoing operation of the building will reduce energy demands and decrease the amount of waste generated. The technology that is incorporated into smart buildings fosters this Earth-conscious approach.

Smart Buildings Save Money

A green building that is LEED certified typically boasts 20 percent lower costs when it comes to maintenance as compared to less environmentally-friendly commercial buildings. A retrofit project can help owners to decrease the cost of operation by 10 percent in the first year.

Smart Buildings Preserve Resources

Estimates suggest that buildings account for 41 percent of all energy consumption in the U.S. This means that they use more energy than the industrial and transportation sectors. However, smart buildings that are built to be environmentally friendly consume 15 percent less water and save property owners 10 percent when it comes to operating costs. Eco-conscious construction techniques have also kept some 80 million tons of garbage out of landfills.

A green building can be a financial windfall, since they increase faster in value and sell for more than less environmentally friendly structures. Smart buildings also make it easier to attract and keep tenants.

Technology is constantly growing and affecting different aspects of our lives. To learn about smart technology and how it can change your world, contact ACS for a free consultation today.

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