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Benefits of Building Automation for K-12 Schools

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An increasing number of schools are choosing building automation to make their facilities as environmentally friendly as possible. However, one of the strongest motivations for upgrading a school is to enhance the safety of students and the security of the campus.

Danger in School

Parents, students, teachers and administrators are all placing a premium on safety in schools. With incidents of school shootings and other violence on the rise as well as problems with substance abuse, alcohol use, and access by unauthorized people, building automation is becoming more important than ever.

Building Automation

When a school installs a building automation system, they greatly improve their energy efficiency. This means that the district spends less on keeping classrooms comfortable, so more of the budget is freed up to be spent on other areas, like school security.

Access Control

In a society where family strife is prevalent, it is often the children who become caught in the middle. This may lead unauthorized parents to try to gain access to their child’s school. Predators of all sorts may also try to get past the door to gain access to an innocent child. Building automation makes it far more difficult for any of these unauthorized individuals to get on campus, and this means enhanced safety for students and teachers.

Security Systems

Tragic headlines relating to school shootings and other violent outbursts are all too common in the modern era. Building automation makes it possible for schools to improve their security systems, making it less likely that threats of all kinds will make it on campus.

How Building Automation Helps

Building automation systems offer a myriad of solutions to schools. Closed circuit television, intercoms, timed door locks and overall environmental control from a single, centralized spot can all contribute to creating a safer, more secure learning environment.

ACS is able to enhance your school’s technology to provide the most efficient and up-to-date safety measures. Contact us today to learn more about turning your school into a smart building!

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