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Benefits of an Automated Lighting Control System

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Installing a smart lighting control system is an excellent way to guarantee decreased energy consumption for your building. The EPA estimated that lighting control systems can exceed over 40% in potential energy savings, which greatly increases a building’s sustainability, and can significantly help you and your company cut costs.


How Do Automated Lighting Control Systems Work?

ACS Electronics can install an automated lighting system that utilizes motion detectors to determine when to turn lights on or off, and to adjust a room’s lighting based on its occupancy. An automated lighting system helps ensure lights are not left on overnight when the building isn’t in use, and installing sensors in common areas like corridors, conference rooms, or restrooms can dim or shut off lights when the rooms are not in use.

These motion sensors, which are used to determine occupancy, lower the building’s energy use by reducing the amount of kilowatt hours used for lighting purposes, and cutting back lighting usage also helps lower the building’s cooling costs.

Control With Convenience

ACS automated lighting control systems can even be controlled and managed through your smartphone or tablet, which provides unprecedented convenience and ability to control and conserve energy savings. Lights can be turned off, on, or dimmed remotely. Automated lighting control systems also take advantage of natural daylight to illuminate rooms, which can save you a considerable amount of energy and money.

Integrate Your Building’s Automated Systems

ACS can also integrate your automated lighting control system with energy efficient, automated HVAC systems. Optimize your building with both automated lighting control systems and HVAC control systems to significantly reduce costs, to decrease your carbon footprint, and to operate your building with convenience and control.

Our team at ACS Electronics have over 30 years of knowledge and experience in making buildings “smarter.” We can install quality automated lighting systems in your building, and help you start saving money today.

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