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Benefits of Access Control Systems for Businesses: Part 2

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In our first post, we explored the first five benefits that access control systems provide to businesses, including added security, the ability to completely customize your system, the ease of replacing keycards, and the ability to control and restrict access for different users.

Now, we’re sharing the last five reasons why your business should consider using access control systems on your commercial property.

Why Use Access Control Systems for Your Business?

6. Gain Remote Access

With access control systems, your facility managers and security team will have remote access to your building, which will save time and money. Your access control systems will be controlled under one easy-to-use interface, which will make facility management more streamlined and efficient. For example, in the event of a large influx of visitors, the security team could easily grant access to the facility without issuing a ton of keycards — they can simply grant access from their remote location.

7. Save Money

Lenexa | Benefits of Access Control Systems for Businesses: Part 2

When integrated with your existing building management system, your access control systems can cut cuts dramatically. The integrated system will know what areas of the building are closed and what areas are in use, so that resources in the closed areas can be conserved. This will lead to lower heating, cooling, and electricity bills. When you factor in the cost savings that result from not replacing locks or missing keys, plus the added security that prevents financial losses, access control systems can really help your bottom line.

8. Access Information is Securely Stored for Easy Reference

Access control systems store all of the access information for all users, making it easy for your facility managers and security team to see who accessed different parts of the building at different times. This information will prove invaluable should any vandalism, theft, or other crimes occur on your premises. Furthermore, the access information could be used by department heads and supervisors to verify that employees are working their contracted hours.

Plus, the access control systems store all of this data securely, meaning even if a computer or server crashes, the access information can be recovered.

Get Access Control Systems From ACS Smart Buildings

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