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Benefits of a Building Automation System

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Just twenty years ago the idea of a building automation system would have been laughable to most laypeople. Now, building automation systems are not only a reality, but an integral part of many commercial buildings.

If you own and operate a business or a commercial property, you might wonder why a building automation system would be a good choice for you. There are countless benefits to building automation: read some below!

Benefits of a Building Automation System

Lower Energy Costs

Building automation can save your business or commercial property anywhere from 5% – 40% on energy bills. This is because building automation systems help you better manage your HVAC and lighting, two systems that use the most energy in commercial buildings. With a wireless building automation system, your building’s zones will be monitored, then your building automation system will make HVAC adjustments to maximize comfort while minimizing energy usage. Likewise, when areas of the building are unoccupied, your building automation system can remotely turn off the lights to cut energy costs. The best part? With all of your energy savings, your building automation system will pay for itself in just 3-4 years.

Lessens Your Environmental Impact

As your building automation system makes your building more energy efficient, it thus increases your eco-friendliness. Even if your reduced carbon footprint doesn’t mean much to you, it may earn you tax write-offs, special grants, or even new customers or clients who aspire to collaborate with environmentally-conscious businesses.

Increases Building Security

Your building automation system can be customized to provide the needed level of security for your business. You can program it to lock the doors and turn off the lights at closing time. If an employee needs to access the premises after the building automation system has shut it down, they will be given a key card to grant them access. The building automation system can turn on lights in the employee’s workspace. In addition, the building automation system can control exterior parking lot lights and any security cameras on the property, altering the necessary personnel should any security breaches occur.

Simplifies Building Maintenance

A building automation system also makes it easier for a building manager to identify building issues early on, saving on costly consultations specialists or technicians. As the building automation system gathers data from building zones throughout the day, it will tabulate results on the system computer for the building manager to review. From there they can easily locate problems and troubleshoot them as necessary, preventing minor issues from snowballing into more expensive, disruptive ones requiring extensive repair.

Additionally, because your building automation system can be access remotely with an internet connection, building operators can access data from anywhere. This will simplify monitoring and maintenance for multi-building office complexes, since the building automation systems can be easily integrated into one computer.

Get a Building Automation System From ACS

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