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Active Shooter Security System

No company, school or church would want to imagine their facility going through the terror of an active shooter situation. The facts are that there will be more than one active shooter per day in the USA and your building could be a target. If your building becomes a target an Active Shooter Detection System it will save lives!

What Is An Active Shooter Security System?

A comprehensive active shooter system has multiple layers all designed to help manage an active shooter situation. Successful active shooter systems follow the acronym ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate) Shooter systems play an active role in every single ALICE step and help your business carry out each step with lightning speed and efficiency.

Active shooter security system benefits

Better Information

Ultimately Saves Lives

Limit Accessibility

Improved Risk Management

Better Efficiency for Authorities and Innocents in the Building

How Does ACS Work?

We will identify your needs and conduct evaluations of your building to set you on the right path. Consulting on your needs always free of charge at ACS.

After thoroughly understanding your concerns and studying your facility, we will design a system that fits your individual needs. 

ACS will help train and prepare your staff to test and utilize the system which can ultimately save lives and protect your facilities. ACS will continue to be there to help you with your training needs as your staff grows and your needs change. 

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