ACS Receives UL Certificate of Compliance

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We are pleased to announce that Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) has issued ACS a Certificate of Compliance for alarm systems. With this certificate, you can be assured that ACS is a trusted source for signal and fire alarm equipment services. It is our promise that your system will be installed, maintained, tested and monitored in accordance with UL’s codes and standards.

UL will visit us at least once a year to check on our compliance and ensure that our providers, customers and stakeholders are getting the best service possible.

This Certificate means that our systems are reliable. We exceed the standards in all areas of alarm  system maintenance. 


Proper installation is key to ensuring a signal and fire alarm equipment will work properly in case of an emergency.


Routine maintenance will spot any potential problems and fix any existing issues.


Periodic tests will give you peace of mind that systems are functioning under any circumstance.


Systems will be monitored so you can rest easy and let us track your system.

Please contact ACS with any questions and to be assured you are receiving a quality system that is properly installed, maintained, tested and monitored in case of an emergency.

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