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Access Control

Customize building systems for a uniquely tailored access control program for your property.

Access control is imperative for every building and organization where restricted access is a necessity. From school buildings to hospitals and even hotels, many industries rely on access control systems such as key card access systems to keep building occupants and confidential data safe. Our building automation system and access control products can help ensure that only authorized individuals can get access to secured areas.

Secure Properties | Access Control

Based on your specific needs, our experienced building automation team can implement either basic key card access systems or intelligent readers involving biometrics, for anywhere from one entry point to several hundred. Our network engineers have the building automation expertise to effectively integrate an access control system to work with the rest of a building automation system. We use software that makes access control simple to manage and maintain; you’ll receive updates and notifications that make it easy for you and your staff to oversee the building’s security and access.

Design Your Credentials for a Customized Smart System

We can help you design your credentials to meet your unique security needs. Automated Control Systems has integrated many systems depending on security levels and entry points to guard. Some of the ways we’ve issued credentials include:

  • Passwords & Pins: restrict access to buildings or hardware based on either user-created or organization-issued security clearance codes.
  • Cards & Key Fobs: allow entry based on a credentialed ID badges, entry cards, key fobs, or other items. Key card access systems are simple to implement and very effective.
  • Biometric entry: We can integrate systems that allow entry based on biometrics, such as fingerprints or retina screens.

Access Control by ACS

Ingersoll Rand Electrified Hardware

For commercial, government, healthcare, and education clients, we recommend this trusted brand of hardware for access control. We can integrate a building automation system and software systems to work together with your video cameras and access control system. Products also offer security features, including: locks, keys, key cards, combinations, codes, biometric scanning, readers, and many door accessories.

Learn more about Ingersoll Rand products.

DSX Access Systems

DSX Access Systems manufactures access control hardware, software, and integrated solutions. From one door to hundreds, this product is reliable and a preferred vendor for access control.

Visit DSX Access Systems

Get Smart

Smart buildings use smart access control products. Access control software works with smart building automation systems to regulate mechanical systems and provide state-of-the-art security features that keep your building secure. Automated Control Systems can integrate access controls like key card access systems or even a suite of smart products that are all designed to work together for optimal safety and security.

Explore your access control options – contact us online or call (913) 248-8828 or (913) 248-8828. 

Based in the Kansas City Metro area. Proudly serving businesses everywhere.

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