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8 Tips For Home Security

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A single woman had just moved into her first apartment and was nervous about burglars so she taped a sign to her door reading, “Mom, don’t come in, the toilet’s backed up again.”

This might work but probably not. According to the FBI a home burglary occurs every 15.4 seconds. However, protecting our home and valuables isn’t hard, it just requires a bit of effort and some good sense. So we’ve gathered a few tips to help you keep your valuables and more importantly, your family, protected.

At ACS we specialize in making buildings smarter for our clients. From upgraded security, entrance monitoring, video surveillance or even smarter HVAC, we can make your building the best that it can be. If you would like a consultation on how we can make your building smarter just give us a call at (913) 248-8828.

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