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A single woman had just moved into her first apartment and was nervous about burglars so she taped a sign to her door reading, “Mom, don’t come in, the toilet’s backed up again.”

This might work but probably not. According to the FBI a home burglary occurs every 15.4 seconds. However, protecting our home and valuables isn’t hard, it just requires a bit of effort and some good sense. So we’ve gathered a few tips to help you keep your valuables and more importantly, your family, protected.


Take steps to protect your home and family.

Check all of your doors and door locks, deadbolts and window locks. Replacing locks is something most homeowners have never done, even when moving into a new home, and as a home ages, those locks become easier to overcome. Window locks are also vulnerable so replacing with heavier locks or even adding dowel rods will keep burglars at bay.

Motion sensors are a good choice to let anyone watching your house that you pay attention. They also offer safety for when you come home at night.

Keep bushes trimmed and away from doors to reduce hiding places. Consider prickly or spiky shrubbery under first floor windows as an added deterrent.

Alarms and video surveillance systems are a good deterrent. Place alarm signs, stickers and placards are in the front as well as the back. And whether you have it or not include the note that you also have video surveillance. Thieves may think they can outrun an alarm but the thought of being caught on video is a sure repellent.

Secure garage doors, check for loose chains or locks and install a lock on the door into your home. This can often be overlooked and you want a way to deter entrance if the bad guys get into the garage. If this door is one of the hollow interior doors consider replacing with a heavier door that can resist some force.

If you plan to travel don’t broadcast your plans acheter priligy. This doesn’t just mean Facebook. Don’t brag to grocery clerks, hair stylists, the guy who changed your oil or anyone else you don’t know. Large crime rings have been traced to informants who eavesdrop for this kind of info. Just enjoy yourselves and wait to post pictures when you get home.

Let the dog bark. Big dogs, little dogs, any dog that makes a ruckus is a deterrent. A thief doesn’t want the neighbor’s attention so give Rover a bone.

All thieves are opportunists and will prey on the easiest targets. If it looks too hard, time consuming or visible they’ll move on. So make it difficult for them and chances are you’ll be fine.

At ACS we specialize in making buildings smarter for our clients. From upgraded security, entrance monitoring, video surveillance or even smarter HVAC, we can make your building the best that it can be. If you would like a consultation on how we can make your building smarter just give us a call at (913) 248-8828.

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