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Four Smart Building Management System Myths Debunked

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One recent building trend that is worthy of attention is installing smart building management systems in order to make buildings more efficient, a.k.a. smarter. Many people have heard about smart building management systems and know some, but there are still plenty of misconceptions about what smart building management systems are and what they do. Here are four of the most common smart building management system myths.

A “Smart” Building and a “Green Building” are the Same Thing

While smart buildings and green buildings are similar, the two terms are not interchangeable. Smart building management systems use technology to help building owners use their resources — particularly energy — most efficiently. Green buildings are designed to be good for the planet in several ways, not just including energy efficiency.

Smart Buildings are Too Expensive

While smart building management systems may carry a steep cost upfront, they pay for themselves quickly, often within a year or two. Over multiple years, smart building management systems can save building owners thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.

Smart Building Technology is an Extra, Frivolous Expense

Smart building management systems do not just help building owners remember to turn off the lights or set the temperature correctly before they leave. They can also alert building owners when a piece of equipment is in need of repair or about to fail. Smart building management systems help save countless lives and dollars in hospitals, laboratory and food services, where power failure would be a disaster.

Smart Building Management System Myth #4: Only New Buildings Can Be Smart Buildings

While it is sometimes easier to incorporate smart building management systems into new constructions, smart building management systems can be added into older buildings as well. One example of an older building that has been retrofitted with new technology is the Empire State Building. Since the building was retrofitted with new technology, the building has saved even more energy than originally estimated.

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