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How Businesses Thrive with Smart Building Technology

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recent study from IDC examined how various businesses are using smart building technology, seeking to find which business owners were the smartest. That is to say, which business owners are using smart building technologies to their full advantage and how. The results of the study show that businesses that benefit most from smart building technologies are those that invest in very specific technologies that work with their businesses to improve efficiency and reduce waste. So, what were the key technologies that the smartest business owners knew to implement? HVAC, automated lighting, and distributed energy resources were the winners.

Smart Business Owners Optimize Technologies

The study divided the 200 surveyed businesses into various categories based on the level of benefits they received from smart building technologies. Those who reaped the most benefits were labeled “optimized owners.” Those businesses tended to be in retail, manufacturing, and construction. In general, businesses that invested in smart building technologies tended to be leaders in their industries, which makes sense. The most successful business owners are those that always have their eyes on the future and how they can improve their businesses.

Out of the business owners who reaped the most benefits from their utilization of these technologies, known as the optimized owners, 40% used HVAC systems, 28.5% used automated lighting technologies, and 21.5% utilized distributed energy.

How do these Technologies Benefit Businesses?

Businesses rely on lighting and energy for all their processes, so finding ways to streamline these technologies and make them more efficient is obviously a smart business move. Companies that implement these technologies have found that HVAC systems and smart lighting help them automate and adapt their energy systems to be as energy-efficient as possible. They are able to optimize their investments in smart technologies in order to save time and money on energy bills and every day processes.

Smart Building Technology for Your Business

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