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5 Water Conservation Tips For Your Business

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Whether you hope to save some money or save the planet, conserving water is a great way to do so. Water conservation doesn’t have to be difficult, either. Here are seven easy water conservation tips you can use with your Kansas City business today.


Water Conservation Tip #1: Look for Leaks

It is common for buildings of all sizes to have various water leaks that the building owners know nothing about. Toilets, faucets, sprinkler heads, pipes and ice machines are all vulnerable to leaks, and a single leaky toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water in a single day. Fixing leaks is a simple and cost-effective way to practice water conservation.

Water Conservation Tip #2: Install More Efficient Equipment

While replacing an HVAC system can be expensive, a new HVAC system can pay for itself in no time. An inefficient HVAC system can easily be responsible for up to 40 percent of a business’s water usage. Companies that practice water conservation by switching to a more efficient system not only save on their water bill, but also on their energy bill and operating costs as well.

Water Conservation Tip #3: Choose Low Flow Fixtures

You cannot prevent employees from flushing toilets and washing hands, nor would you want to. You can make sure that these activities help with your water conservation efforts, however, by installing low-flow faucets and dual-flush fixtures.

Water Conservation Tip #4: Landscape Wisely

Not all landscaping is created equally. Practice water conservation by choosing drought-resistant plants that need to be watered less frequently. If you still need to water the landscaping, do so in the early morning when the water is less likely to evaporate.

Water Conservation Tip #5: Use a Storm Water Management System

Many businesses can practice water conservation by simply using the water that they already have on hand. Run-off water from parking lots and roofs can be used to water the landscaping and to flush toilets.

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