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5 Necessary Security Tech for Healthcare Facilities

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Healthcare technology is rapidly evolving, and so is the tech that hospitals use to communicate internally and externally and to keep every patient and visitor safe. Our safety is somewhat constantly in question over the past decade or so and so many large-scale attacks have happened recently that it is important that hospitals take safety as seriously as the medicine.

Video Surveillance

Video is used to protect both patients and the hospital staff. Real-time and recorded footage can aid in cases of theft, injury, or other incidents. The aim is to keep the patients, visitors, and staff more secure while also protecting the healthcare facility from any issue of liability or neglect.

Child Protection/Wander Management

This is an integrated program where wrist or leg bands are given to mostly newborns and Alzheimer and dementia patients, along with entry and exit control to help prevent infant abductions and access to unsafe areas of the facility.

Mass Notification

This system is set up to notify security, healthcare staff, and sometimes the public (who are signed up for alerts) to simultaneously communicate a message. This facilitates evacuations, lock-downs, fire, and many other issues.

Access Control Systems

This allows a facility to control the access of certain areas of the building. It restricts access that patients, visitors, intruders, and some hospital staff have to things like records and data, medicine, expensive equipment, and unsafe areas.

Fire Prevention and Notification

this integrated system is vital in case of fire, which can be especially critical in healthcare where patient care means limited mobility. Assessing fire situations may eliminate the need for mass evacuations and will eliminate stress, panic, and time wasted over a false alarm.

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