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4 Technologies That are Smartening Up Buildings

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Smart building technologies are estimated to grow 34% annually from 2016 to 2021, according to a 2016 report. As the number of smart buildings constructed and older buildings retrofitted with automation and control technologies rises, there are a few building trends that architects, builders, engineers and technologists are creating to make your buildings more efficient.

Wirelessly Retrofitting Old Buildings

While the easiest way to integrate things like lighting, networks, HVAC, etc. is during construction, there is a bigger opportunity to retrofit them into existing spaces. All over the country, cities are converting old warehouses and office spaces into usable living and working spaces. Using Wi-Fi to convert old buildings into smart ones, keeps costs minimal because there is no need to open up walls for wiring and all the information can be updated through the cloud.

Predictive Maintenance of Smart Buildings

IoT-connected devices will create a shift from prevention and repair to conditions-based maintenance. By leveraging data, building operators can see indicators of potential problems and can take the corrective actions needed before any products or systems fail. Companies can save approximately 15% of their capital asset spend by optimizing existing buildings and prioritizing maintenance.

Smart Building Biometric Integration

The next step in automation is the ability for smart buildings to learn for input about occupants’ biometric data. Sensors will detect and trigger the control of lighting and thermal comfort, optimizations like this increase productivity in office buildings as well as reduce stress in hospitals and other similar environments by mimicking circadian rhythms.

Self-Healing Concrete

Building scientists are also investigating using bacteria in the formulation of concrete so that infrastructures can self-heal. When a fissure or crack appears, calcium carbonate will exude to fill any of the micro cracking as it occurs. There are many more ways which this technology can be used though.

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