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4 Reasons to Install a CCTV System to Improve Business Security

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Protect Your Business

Many business owners discount the idea of installing a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system because they are unsure if the expense is worth it and unaware of the many different security benefits that a CCTV system can have. Business owners often find other security measures that they hope will protect their products, information, and employees. However, CCTV systems are much more beneficial for business security than many business owners realize. Read on to learn more about how you can improve security and productivity with a video surveillance system.

Why Install a CCTV System?CCTV System

Keep track of the business anytime, anywhere

No matter how dedicated you are to your business, inevitably there are times when you have to be away. A CCTV system helps keep businesses running efficiently by enabling you to keep an eye on everything even from hundreds of miles away. Additionally, with a CCTV system, employees will feel better knowing that their employer is always concerned about their safety and business security, even while away from the office.

Prevent crime

Simply the presence of a CCTV camera at the entrance or exit of a business can mean the difference between criminal activity and business security. Burglars and other criminals are more likely to target businesses with weak security systems, and a CCTV system is one of the first signs of a truly secure building. Criminals aren’t stupid–they generally do their best to avoid committing crimes on camera. For this reason, the presence of a CCTV system visible on the premises will help to boost business security and deter crime.

Encourage employee productivity

A closed-circuit television system acts as an extra eye for managers and supervisors, without hiring extra personnel. Managers can use the CCTV system to track employee productivity and to ensure that employees follow business security and safety rules. When employees know that they are on camera, they naturally work more productively, knowing that they are held accountable for their actions.

Provide evidence

A CCTV system not only has the ability to prevent crime, but it also provides evidence to the police in the case that a crime does occur on the premises. The images recorded by a CCTV system help police to determine suspects and learn more about the crime that occurred. Additionally, a CCTV system has the potential to protect businesses from wrongful lawsuits by recording everything on camera to prove the business did nothing wrong.

Still not convinced that a CCTV system is right for your business? Learn more about the benefits of surveillance systems here. ACS is the leading provider of smart building security and building automation systems in the Kansas City area. We are dedicated to providing businesses with the smart building products and automation systems they need to keep them running safely and energy-efficiently. Contact us today at (913) 248-8828 to see what we can do to transform the security and efficiency of your business.

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