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4 Benefits to Installing Structured Cabling in Your Building

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If you are a business owner or a building manager you may have heard of structured cabling, but have you considered how it could benefit your office?

What is Structured Cabling?

The technological infrastructure is built on a single cable that connects multiple electronic devices. The devices are plugged into special sockets whose wires link them to the central communications hub.

Simple to Use

It’s still as simple as plugging the device into the socket. Your structured cabling will carry data in all formats, including video and voice. There is no need for specialists or overthinking when changing out devices. PCs, phones, printers, and anything else can all be connected easily. No more working with multiple cable infrastructures, you’ll only have (and need) one.

Fix Problems Faster

Identifying where issues originate from can be an issue with multiple cable systems. Structured cabling allows your system to be both unified and segmented, so troubleshooting will move faster.

Stable in an Ever-Moving Society

In any industry, a business must be able to adapt quickly and be ahead of the crowd when the opportunity presents itself. Structured cabling, allows your company to be able to make changes in a matter of minutes, even if employees are changing desks, moving departments, or your entire company is restructuring. The structured cabling system makes it easy for your employees to plug right back in and continue working. No productivity lost.

A Great Investment

Structured cabling can carry high bandwidth, making it a great investment for companies that use the internet to work (like every office anywhere.) The system won’t be outdated the next year either because it is made to be able to adapt to new technology and applications. It will grow with the technology as your business as you expand and develop.

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