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3 Reasons Your Employees Should Use Time Tracking Software

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Not many businesses have punch cards these days, it’s all about computerized time tracking software which allows managers to easily record and verify employee hours. The benefits of time tracking are far more than streamlined payroll procedures. So, why should you consider time tracking your salaried employees?

Why Use Employee Time Tracking?

Track Productivity

Time tracking allows managers and employees to gauge productivity levels. When people can see themselves tracking how they spend their time, they are more motivated to eliminate disorganizations and complete work efficiently. In addition, managers and employees can monitor their tasks to see where they’re spending too much or too little time on, in respects to the scope and project cost. When certain tasks take longer than their budgeted time, managers and employees can work to identify the best course of action, such as outsourcing or hiring another employee.

Accurate Project Estimates

Get insight into real project completion time. You can use time tracking to create a more accurate price assessment of your products and services. If you’re working on fixed fees, use time tracking to monitor the estimated time and costs for your project, which will help your employees spend the right amount of time on each task. In turn, it will provide more accurate prices on future projects.

Make Sure Staff Isn’t Over or Under Worked

Prevent your employees from being overworked. Managers can view the average times spent on certain projects, allowing them to better delegate work in the future. Time tracking will show when employees work over their scheduled hours, helping managers know if additional hiring is necessary or who might be a good candidate for a promotion.

Time tracking can also reveal overstaffing. If employees are constantly beating their deadlines, asking for more work, not tracking project hours, and still producing great work, this could indicate that projects need fewer people on them.


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