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2017 Consumer Electronics Show Top Smart Tech

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The first week of every year is marked by a huge showing of the latest in consumer electronics and technology. So far, it looks as though the new technologies that have been pushing through to the mainstream like VR, AR, smart cars, virtual assistants and more wireless products are the top of the list.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

VR/AR startups are bringing completely immersive virtual reality tech with what is a basic haptic suit and 360 degree picture. If you didn’t put the goggles on your face, you wouldn’t know that this stuff isn’t real.

  • Vuze: A camera and projector that allows the user to relive events in 360 degrees.
  • Hypersuit & Cerevo Taclim: Almost full body VR that give live haptic feedback to wearers, enabling them to play games, explore worlds and train through augmented and virtual reality.
  • 3dRudder: A gaming, VR and 3D motion controller foot board adding new dimensions to existing PC gaming and new VR worlds.
  • e-skin: Possibly the most interesting of all, is an ultra-lightweight electronic display that sticks to your skin. This essentially electronically functionalizes human skin.

Smart Cars

BMW and Mobileye have partnered with Intel and will be testing autonomous vehicles on public roads later this year. Chrysler is bringing us Portal, an all-electric concept car with a 250-mile range. Toyota’s concept car has a steering wheel, but can go into “chauffeur mode” when you want the car to drive autonomously. Yui, the car’s artificial intelligence software learns from users and adapts.

Virtual Assistants

This is quickly becoming a world where virtual assistants are in the majority of homes and even some cars. Ford is looking to integrate Amazon’s Alexa into their cars so that drivers can get quick information behind the wheel with voice activation. Alexa is everywhere, Lenovo Alex in their Smart Assistant and LG is looking to unveil a lamp with integrated assistance later this year.

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